"Now I can act as my own financial advisor. Had I not known about Debt Analyzer, I would have spent years and thousands of dollars trying to pay off debts."
-- Stephen
version 4.0

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Version 4.0

  1. Revised and updated the user interface.
  2. Now runs on Windows Vista.
  3. Added a Splash Screen that is displayed when the program first loads.
  4. Now looks in more locations for debt databases created using older versions of Debt Analyzer and converts the old debt database when found.
  5. Added a warning that pops up when using the Debt Entry dialog if the interest rate entered for a loan is too small.
  6. Debt information can now be backed up and restored from within the program.
  7. Added and fixed accelerator keys on the main window and in the preferences panels.
  8. Added new customizable menus and toolbars.
  9. Pressing F1 in any window brings up the help topic for that window.
  10. Amounts are now displayed using the currency symbol defined in Windows.
  11. The Variable Extra Payments window will now accept up to 360 entries.
  12. Improved the Budget Information window with a budget summary and ability to enter more obligations and budget items.
  13. Can now access the Budget dialog when Extra Payment or Variable Payment options are in use.
  14. Preference settings have been consolidated and simplified. Preferences can be accessed in a single dialog by clicking Options, Preferences.
  15. Added the ability to reset all preferences settings to their default values.
  16. Can now select between saving preference in the registry, in ini file or an ini file on a USB device.
  17. Added the the ISS Bug Reporter that collects information in the event of a crash and sends it to us.

    Report enhancements
  18. Updated all the reports to use more attractive fonts, colors and shading.
  19. Printed reports now include the date printed, page number, and report title.
  20. Amounts in reports are now shown using the currency symbol defined in Windows.
  21. The scroll wheel now scrolls the Report Preview up and down.
  22. When viewing Report Preview, holding the control key down and using scroll wheel zooms in and out.
  23. Simplified the Zoom options.
  24. The report options are now disabled or enabled based on the reports selected.
  25. Updated and simplified the print options.

    Bugs Fixed
  26. Fixed a bug that allowed the password to be bypassed.
  27. Improved the routine that determines leap years.
  28. Fixed a problem on the Loan Consolidation Summary report with loans using daily rates.
  29. Fixed an error that occurred if a password was set before a new debt plan was saved.

Revision history for previous versions
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Revision history for current version
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