Minor updates are free for licensed users. Major upgrades require a new license. Special upgrade pricing is available.

Upgrades are free for any versions that have the same major revision number. For example, if you were to license version 4.0, then any subsequent revision that has the same major revision number would be a free update. This would include v 4.1, v 4.5 or any v 4.xx. The program files are identical for the licensed and trial versions of Debt Analyzer.

The process to upgrade is to download the trial version and install it into the same folder as the licensed version. The presence of your previously licensed version will license the new version.

This upgrade process will not work if the trial version has a new major release number (i.e. version 5.0). In the event of a new major release (i.e. v 5.0), an upgrade fee will be required.


Free Upgrades for recent Debt Analyzer purchases
All Debt Analyzer v 3.x licenses purchased on or after June 1, 2007 qualify for a free upgrade to Debt Analyzer v 4.0. Email your request to info@wintools.com. Please tell us that you are requesting a free upgrade to Debt Analyzer v 4.0 and provide your Debt Analyzer v 3.x license information.

We will send you a Debt Analyzer v 4.0 license code via email. Download Debt Analyzer v 4.0 from www.debtanalyzer.com/download.htm and use the license code to license the program.

Cost to upgrade from Debt Analyzer v 3.x to Debt Analyzer v 4.0
Single user - $15.00
Multi-user - 50% of Debt Analyzer v 4.0 License Fee
  (Plus shipping and handling for CD-ROM delivery)
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Ordering procedure
If you are a licensed user and wish to upgrade, please use one of our normal ordering methods and specify that you are upgrading. Our Internet order forms have a "comments" section you can use to indicate you are upgrading.

Note: We will only verify those users who indicate they are upgrading to see if they qualify for the upgrade fee.

  1. Order online using our Shopping Cart. Our web order forms have a "comments" section you can use to indicate you are upgrading.
  2. Fax order to 866-543-6140.
  3. Phone 801-927-5009 to place an order.
  4. Mail to Insight Software Solutions, Inc., P.O. Box 106, Kaysville, UT 84037-0106.

Download the latest version from www.debtanalyzer.com/download.htm.