Debt Analyzer


What is Debt Analyzer?
Debt Analyzer is a software tool to develop plans to eliminate your personal debt. The software will store up to 50 debts per plan and show you the best options for paying them off.


You can compare plans and look at different strategies to help you determine your best course forward. The program is easy to use and this Help file should guide you through any questions that you might have.  


What can Debt Analyzer do for me?


Create a plan for me to get out of debt

Use the Debt Analyzer to create a plan to become debt free. Create a professional debt reduction plan applying the same techniques used by banks and credit counselors. And thanks to the Debt Analyzer, you can create a plan in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

Save me money

Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by following the debt plan. Use the software to find the best strategies for paying off debt and reducing the amount of interest paid.

Give me hope

Debt Analyzer shows you what you need to do to get out of debt and let you know that there is a path forward.



Design plans for others. 

Produce an unlimited number of plans and reports for friends, family or clients.


This Help file provides the tools needed to successfully use Debt Analyzer and get moving on the path to debt freedom.

Press the F1 key from any Debt Analyzer window to access the help.