"What I really like about the program is its ability to tell you how much extra to pay in order to get out of debt sooner."
-- Tracy
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Debt Plans
  • Work with up to 50 debts per debt plan at a time
  • Save and retrieve multiple debt plans
  • Play "what if" scenarios with your debts to see the effect of different options, extra payments, etc.
  • Multiple options for loan consolidation allowing "what if" scenarios.
  • Use minimum payments, current payments and/or accelerated payments
  • Minimum payments can be entered as a percentage of the debt balance
  • International currencies supported

Debt Reduction Plan
  • Prioritize your debts by interest rate, balance, payment, term
  • Enter variable extra payments to plan for tax refunds, bonuses, bi-weekly paychecks
  Loan Consolidation Plan
  • Select the term of the new loan
  • Specify the new payment for the new loan
  • Use sum of all debts as the payment for the new loan
  • Produce amortization schedule for the new loan
  • Produce summary report illustrating the money and time saved by consolidating
  • Produce Graphs of time & interest savings
  Timed Debt Elimination Plan
  • Specify when debts are to be paid off

Schedule Payments

  • Monthly debt payoff schedule
  • Monthly debt payment schedule
  • Daily debt payment schedule
  • Specify "days in advance" to pay bills on daily reports to ensure time to reach creditor


  • Household budgeting feature with monthly and variable payments
  • Optionally apply budget surplus to debt repayment plan


  • Create reports including elimination schedules, summaries and bar charts
  • Generate reports for yourself, friends, family or clients
  • Produce loan consolidation schedules, summary and graph reports
  • Preview reports before printing
  • Add headers and footnotes to reports
  • Select fonts for various portions of the reports
  • Analyze individual debts with graphical and statistical information
  • Summary report illustrating the money and time saved by following the proposed plan
  • Money savings (in interest) graph
  • Time savings graph
  • Calendar report showing days to make payments
  • Debt and Budget overview report

Data Sheet

View the features Data Sheet (448 KB PDF)