Here are a few of the many comments and expressions of thanks we have received from Debt Analyzer users.

Who are among our thousands of customers? Well, many are individuals like you who could use a little help in organizing their debts and putting together a plan to reduce and eliminate them. And of course they don't mind knowing how much they might save along the way. Other customers include numerous consumer credit counseling services, banks, credit unions and other financial institutions as well as CPAs, lawyers and financial advisors.

"I have eliminated over $20,000 in debt and this program has helped me do it."-- Jimmy B, Alabama

"Great easy to use and understand program!"-- Joe U., Colorado

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonderful program. It has helped me so very much. I am finally able to get a handle on my runaway finances with your help. The program is so easy to use and understand. I have sampled others and no other compares. Thanks again."-- Joycelyn M., North Carolina

"Your product has helped our family very much and we appreciate it more than I can express. Thank you." -- Garnett L., Ohio

"Wonderful program! Debt Analyzer helped me devise a plan to be debt free in 2 years and save thousands in interest charges. Thanks!" -- Kay G., Mississippi

"We tried the debt analyzer and found out that we could once again control our finances. It took a great deal of pressure and stress out of our lives, and the future looks so much brighter ... Thank You." -- Brian & Angelina

"I work with people experiencing personal financial crisis, or who want to set some goals and then I seem to provide the budget mgmt accountability. This program has simplified my job tremendously." -- Jeff

"I love this program! I have saved tons of money and plan to help my family do the same." -- Troy

"I really enjoy my Debt Analyzer. It's sure a lot cheaper than a financial consultant." -- Barb

"I have been looking for this program ever since I received a print out from Debt Consolidators of America. This is great. Thanks." -- Sandra

"This product answered all our questions and allowed us to cancel an appointment with a financial advisor. We worked out our own plan!" -- Justin, South Carolina

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I finally know what's going on and what to do." -- Mike

"This software is great! I had calculated something similar several years ago. Of course it wasn't as accurate and took me a weekend to calculate by hand." -- Richard

"I just can't believe that by spending the same amount of money I spend now to reduce my credit card balances, but spending it in a different way makes such a huge difference! Thank you so much. When I'm debt free in 3 years, your software will be partially responsible." -- Carolyn

"GREAT!!!!! I'm extremely impressed. It's shown me in black and white where I'm headed with my credit card debts. I'm not as bad off as I had thought, but what I really like about the program is its ability to tell you how much extra to pay in order to get out of debt sooner. I'm impressed on it's extreme ease of use too. I had results within 5 minutes. Again thank you such a great product!!" -- Tracy

"Great Software! Now I can act like my own personal financial advisor. Had I not known about Debt Analyzer, I would have spent years and thousands of dollars trying to pay off debts." -- Stephen.

"Great help in planning. Beats anything I've seen!" -- Ed

"I love this. My $300/Year financial advisor used this same program. I love being able to update my info immediately." -- Jackie

"I found this to be a very useful program for me. I was able to try various methods to discover the most savings. Thank you." -- Ed, Michigan

"Love this program! It’s a simple, common-sense idea that’s been well executed." -- William, California

"Excellent!! I’m surprised (name brand software) hasn’t yet come up with a product with as many features as this at a price this competitive. Keep up the good work!!" -- Patrick, Ohio

"This program will save me about 4½ years of payment pain. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work." -- Jon, Utah

"This is one of the most useful programs I have seen in a long time." -- Robert, Ohio

"I love your program! I’ve gotten rid of one credit card and hope to get rid of the rest within 2 years. Thanks." -- Deborah, New Jersey

"This product is great! I love how it tracks my finances." -- Audra, Texas

"After trying your demo version I was pleased with the reports offered and how much information can be used. I also liked knowing how much interest I could save with the proposed methods of paying off debt! Thanks." -- Timothy, North Carolina

"What a great program. It’s helping me see the "light at the end of the tunnel." -- Michael, New Jersey

"Best analyzer I have found. Simple and concise." -- Sharon, Canada

"This program has offered me hope in an otherwise hopeless situation." -- Thomas, Texas

"Excellent Program! Gave me a different view of a not so pretty picture. Thanks for all your hard work. A real pleasure to use." -- Michael, Michigan

"Exactly what I've been struggling to achieve in Excel. My spreadsheet has been unbelievably cumbersome compared with this tool. Thanks!! I'll be retiring 8 years sooner, with your help." -- Mickie, Washington

"This is one of the most valuable programs I have ever used. This program's value as a household tool is unquestionable. It did in a few minutes what I have been considering doing for years." -- James, California

"This product blew me away! According to its report, I could save almost $11,000 and over 4 years in debt repayment!" -- Mark, Colorado

"I like the program's ability to play 'What If' games, and using this program we are well on the way to paying off all our debts including the mortgage in 10 years." -- James, California

"This is by far the best, all around, personal finance aid that I have ever seen. This program, coupled with asking that my interest rates be reduced saved me $7,800.00 in interest fees." --Jerry, Hawaii